Grow Wild


As adults and kids alike turn more frequently to “convenient” and tech-based solutions, many tasks that once required head-to-toe use of our muscles and bones can now be done with a click and a swipe. Without realizing it, we’ve gotten rid of the movement-rich environment our physical, mental, and environmental health depend on…but not our need for it.

The good news is, while the problem feels massive, the solution is quite simple…and fun!  Grow Wild shows where movement used to fit into the activities of daily life and more importantly, how it can again. A companion to Move Your DNA, Grow Wild  provides practical, everyday, nature-rich ideas on how to let them move their DNA in a variety of kids’ daily environments. “Stack your life” for richer experiences that don’t take more time by learning how to:

  • Change your home’s “movement rules”
  • Dress for (movement) success
  • Add snacktivities to your meals
  • Create a dynamic homework space
  • Bring nature into your home and play
  • Plan a dynamic celebration
  • And much more!